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wall clock art gamma

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Rainbow Watch "Art" wall clock - gamma
This wall object discover a clock and a work of art in one
This clock is built into a carefully crafted object frame made of real Abachi wood.
Just like the wrist and table clocks, colors and shapes change every minute, here now impressively larger with a 180 mm disc diameter.
With an "art" wall clock you can enrich every room with a living work of art with a time display function.
Dial design gamma
Fine color gradients create multiple pastell color tones.

Rainbow Watch presents the innovation of visualizing the time.
The concept of the artist Paul Heimbach, from which our Rainbow clocks are based, revolutionizes the visual appearance, in which the displays themselves become pointers and change with every minute.
Colored transparent disks replace the hands and create new images from which the time can be read. Fascinating play of colors - for variety around the clock.
Sometimes it's color modulations that become visible in the smallest nuances, sometimes it's pure color theory that appears.
What was reserved for a small group of collectors in the artist edition is now accessible to a wider audience through us.

Outside frame dimensions: 43cm x 33xm, 3.8 cm deep
Frame color: naturaölly wooden (on request also available in white or black, please state your desired color in the order
Movement: high quality and torque Junghans 838 clock work, working with AA battery.